Monday, April 14, 2003

When Did People Become Stupid?
Or, more specifically, when did people stop discovering and/or inventing things that were creative, intelligent, useful, and good? I am jealous of those who lived in a world when a new creation led to improving, rather than diminishing, mankind. When the railroad made travel accessible. When the radio brought music and adventure and culture into the living rooms of millions. When the printing press made books possible. Today's inventions, rather than increasing the intellectual or cultural capacity of man, seek only to create a generation more stupid than the previous generation. Already the culture that looked upon Homer Simpson as a role model is raising a flock of young idiots who will spend their elder years reminiscing about the glory days of "Joe Millionaire" and "Survivor." Can somebody tell me how the career of Chris Rock, the music of Eminem, the words of Danielle Steele, and the continued production of reality TV make the world and society better? No...I didn't think so.