Thursday, April 28, 2005

It's a small Krishna after all
Yes, the world's first Hindu theme park in in the works in India. Already being referred to as "Disneyland on the Ganges," this 25-acre park will recreate great moments in Hindu mythology through rides, a museum, a sound and light show and, of course, a food court.

In other odd news, a San Diego high school is now paying snitches through a special tip line to report suspicious activity on campus. Ah life in America!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Turn off your TV
So it's turn off your TV week. Are ya gonna?

I'm not. Aside from the fact that my husband and I are completely hooked on a Spanish-language soap opera which we do not at all understand, I'm just not willing to "do what I'm told" when it comes to things like this. I'm not a TV addict (aside from the aforementioned show). Once it's over (at 9 pm) we usually turn the TV off and read. Other than that, not much. I TiVo a lot of history programs and cozy British mysteries, and As Time Goes By which I love. But we watch only 2 shows on network TV and can easily spend the evening with music and books.

That being said, however, I know a lot of people are total addicts and have the TV on whenever they're awake, whether there's anything worth watching or not. Do you think it's a gender thing? Because I've noticed that men are far more liable to zone out and realize they've just sat through 30-minutes of some home decorating show simply because it was on.