Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Red Cloud, over Chavez Ravine
I've been listening to the excellent Ry Cooder CD Chavez Ravine a lot lately, and loving it. This trip back to LA in the '50s, when a "Poor Man's Shangra-La" was demolished to make way for Dodger Stadium is full of songs that will engage you on first hearing, and that you will love upon repeated listening. I highly recommend this for the great music and the wonderful story it tells. From sweet Tex-Mex waltzes to hip 50s grooves, to bits of programming that cover everything from aliens to Commies to Dragnet, it's a solid release that will climb to the top of your favorites list. Would make a damn fine Christmas gift for the adventurous music lover in your life as well.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Art in the Tubes
At the risk of being arrested as terrorists, a group of artists have begun attaching suitcases with projectors and Mac minis to the sides of subway trains with the purpose of showing art movies on the walls of tunnels. You can see a QuickTime movie of the project here.