Monday, November 26, 2007

That is one pissed fish!
Thanks to the wonderful Design Observerfor pointing out the 5 most unintentionally hilarious comic strips. You'll laugh, trust me.

Also, thanks to the same source, check out Rosa Loves, an online t-shirt company with a cause. Remember that some holiday gifts are more "giving" than others....
Surviving another Thanksgiving
Yes, it's true. Husband and I survived yet another Thanksgiving with my family. Regular readers might recall that soon after Thanksgiving last year I spent a week in the hospital with the first onset of the "mystery illness" which has plagued me periodically ever since. Stomach pains. Vomiting. Nausea. Having lived through years of hilarious tales of dinner with the folks, my friends (not surprisingly) asked if the symptoms were related to Thanksgiving at my mom's. And, strangely enough, the answer was "no."

This year wasn't too bad. True, the turkey did have a metallic aftertaste but other than that, nothing too awful. A shame, really, as it left me with no good stories to share with the next bookgroup. Poor souls, many of them live for my yearly post-Thanksgiving tales of microwaved instant mashed potatoes, sweet potatos with mini-marshmallows, canned cranberry sauce and the famous and patented "floating-bits-of-wonder gravy."

Perhaps Christmas will bring the requisite "my family tried to poison me" story for the holiday season.