Monday, July 12, 2010

From the Kitten Nursery

I've been quite remiss in keeping you posted on my hum-drum life. Sorry. Sometimes I just get in a mood where I either I don't want to write or have nothing to say. Actually, I usually have nothing to say I just typically overcome that and foist myself on an unsuspecting world.

I've just come back from kitten duty. The cutie above is named Milky Way. The whole litter is named after candy. There's Snickers, Mars, Dove, and Hershey. But this little one is my favorite.

It was an extra-long day at the nursery. In spite of the fact that on Monday we have plenty of volunteers, it's a long haul for me. There are a number of, shall we say, completely useless people there. Which means I do most of the world. The cage cleaning. The laundry. The dish washing. Taking out the garbage and so on. I was there for nearly three hours and only fed two kittens. The rest of the time I was busy doing all the details. I don't mind, but I was jealous of everyone else spending time cuddling the kitties.