Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Malawi in the news
The last time my favorite African nation, Malawi, was in the news it was due to a rather fascinating tale of a witchdoctor, a curse, and some workers who were on strike. Today's coverage is better. Courtesy of the BBC comes this article about Jack McConnel (First Minister of Scotland), his visit to Malawi, and his pledge to bring Malawi more before the public eye. Malawi faces rampant poverty and the ever-present devastation of AIDS, so any and all help in publicizing the plight of Malawi is always appreciated.

Monday, May 23, 2005

More material, please!
I am so sick at looking at 17-year old navels. The so-called "fashion" for shirts that end somewhere around the rib and pants that start mid-hip has given rise to a whole society of tummy-baring teenagers, most of whom really should just cover up.

When will it end, oh Lord? I must admit that most of the time I just look at them and laugh, but every once in a while I'm just kind of apalled. Not being sylph-like myself, I do have sympathy with the these girls, but I think that's just all the more reason to buy shirts that actually cover the stomach. Women, please, please, please do not let "fashion" dictate what you wear. Wear what looks good on or what you're comfortable in -- but in the name of all that is good, do NOT wear what "everyone else" is wearing if it makes you look ridiculous.