Saturday, May 23, 2009

Photo of the day: The Last of Not Grandma's Roses

There are probably 5 more rose bushes that I haven't photographed. But I am bored with them. As I suspect you are. (That is, if anybody is actually looking at my blog.) But I had to do the white ones because, hello, House of York and all that. (Wars of the Roses, baby.)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Overheard at the shelter
Woman 1: I 'm still not sure if I want a cat or a dog.
Woman 2: I still think you want shoes.

Overheard at the grocery store
Mother: What kind of cereal do you want?
Child: Pop Tarts
Mother: You can't have Pop Tarts. How about Cheerios?
Child: How about Pop Tarts?
Photo of the day: Not More Grandma's Roses

These beautiful red roses grow between our house and the one next door. Thanks to their automated watering schedule, they get lots of water, as opposed to our other bushes that only get watered when we remember. I love the deep red of these flowers, as do the bees who seem to be particularly fond of this one.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Photo of the day: Grandma's Roses

OK, not grandma. Grandma's sister. My great Aunt Clemence used to live in the house where Husband and I live. I think she was responsible for all of the gorgeous rose bushes we have growing in our yard. This is, obviously, the pink one. It's well loved by Pigpen, one of the neighborhood cats who loves to snooze in its shade on sunny days.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No, it's not all right!!!
There are two rooms full of cats at the shelter. One with individual kennels. One with kennels and with three small, closet-sized rooms with glass doors. We call them "condos." These condos usually have 4 or 5 cats in them. The doors are kept closed, obviously, and there are signs plastered over them saying "do not open." Along with all the other signs that ask the customers to please not touch the cats.

So I walk into the room and some galacticly stupid woman and her spawn of Satan have not only opened the door to the condo, but child spawn is sitting in the condo petting one of the cats. The other 4 cats are now roaming free around the room. I walk in and look at her with a combination of "you've got to be fucking kidding me" and "there are cats everywhere." And stupid woman looks at me and says "this is all right, isn't it?"

Not it's not fucking all right. There are cats running free around the room. (Thank goodness the door to the room was shut otherwise there'd be cats running all over the shelter.) So I tell her as politely as I can that, no, it's not all right. And to please not touch the cats. So she gives me a dumb, glazed smile and apologizes vaguely....and leaves the room. And now I've got to corral a group of loose cats and get them back where they belong.

To make it worse, when I came into the room I was carrying a cat I had just finished TLCing. Said kitty freaked out at all the other cats wandering around and jumped down. Now I have two groups of cats cross-contaminating and two can't-tell-them-apart pure black cats, one going into one condo and the other to a different condo.

Seriously, how stupid could this woman be? No it's not fucking all right!!! How tiny and useless does your brain have to be to think there's anything OK about letting cats loose? I mean even if we didn't have bloody signs bloody everywhere, does it make any sense that we'd be all "sure, whatever" about giving our animals free roam of the entire building?
Photo of the day: What do You See?
Personally I see a bull and the face of the devil. Who knew heating up milk for warm fuzzies could be so photogenic?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Photo of the day: Choose Your Spot

Short or long? Your call. Whatever size you prefer, we've got a spot for you.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The kitten nursery opened today. I had forgotten how tiny they are. The average weight is about 10 ounces. Only two litters at the moment, 5 kittens and 3 kittens. It was great to be back in there, sticking syringes of stinky food into the tiny mouths of reluctant, squirming little critters. Ah yes, the scent of kitten food. It had escaped my mind until that first whiff and then the sense memory came back. Of course the fact that it got onto my shirt and into my hair helped cement the "oh yes, I remember this smell" recollection.

I know these guys aren't going to be around long. As soon as they're old enough to be adopted, they're going to be snapped up. I'm thrilled. And, of course, a bit sad that all the amazing adult cats in need of a home may be overshadowed by the overwhelming cuteness of the kittens.

I just wish I could give them all homes. The cats, not the kittens.
Photo of the day: California in the Sunshine

Such a stereotypical image for the Golden State. Palm trees set against a sky of Renaissance blue. But hey, why fight the classics? I can't get the shot of a classic convertible driving down the Pacific Coast Highway. I have, however, done the Golden Gate Bridge, although from a slightly more unusual angle than usual. But sometimes you just need to go with the myth and give the impression that we have palm trees on every street, blocking our multi-million dollar mansions from view.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

CD Pick of the Week: Warsaw Village Band, Infinity
Polish folk music played by mind-bendingly good musicians and infused with modern sensibilities and world influences. Wicked good throughout. Excellent strings and percussion plus vocals by what sounds like a group of sirens from hell (in a good way). Often dark and mysterious, always surprising and compelling. One of the best world discs of the year so far.
Photo of the day: Le Chat, Part Deux

OK, it's cheating to use a photo of the same cat two days in a row. But she's so beautiful I had to. Besides, it was too frickin' hot today to take any new photos and I'm fresh out of ideas. Sorry if I'm in danger of becoming a crazy cat lady. I warn you, though, it's gonna get worse. The kitten nursery opens on Monday and I'm on duty two shifts a week. If you're not careful, I'll have you owning a cat or a kitten by the end of the summer.