Saturday, December 13, 2008

More about PHS
I love volunteering at the Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA. It's the most fun and most personal satisfaction and fulfillment I've experienced in about 10 years. Every day that I go in I find myself loving it more, and spending more time there. The average shift is only 2 hours but yesterday I was there for 3 1/2 because I kept telling myself "just one more kitty." That's why it's so hard to leave -- there are always more cats who need attention.

I have to think they are desperate for cat TLC volunteers because on Thursday only 2 cats got out of their cages and I seemed to be the only volunteer on Friday. The shelter is so overrun with cats that they are asking people to foster them for a few weeks to free up some space. In fact Lily/Smith was gone to a foster home. (Poor thing, she keeps getting moved around.) I saw two adorable kittens get adopted yesterday, which was wonderful. But then a litter of 6 came in -- we can't seem to get ahead of the cat curve.

Every day there brings its own joys and surprises. From my favorite pair Dean and Yufi (see post below) who were so cute with each other to Blue, a sweet little cat who is very scared of loud noises and needed lots of patience, love, and attention. There was the huge 18-pounder who was a total lump to try to pick up but incredibly curious and fun in the GAR (get acquainted room). There was the cat condo, where Tiger lives, where my lap was the best seat in the house. And there was one little charmer who sniffed every corner of the GAR and then spent about 5 minutes attacking a ribbon with a dedication that would make a lion proud.

It's so hard to see so many amazing animals desperately in need of loving homes. All they want is a person or a family of their own. And they give so much in return. There are some where as soon as I walk up to their cage they're right there, saying hello, eager to play and so happy to get the attention. Some want a mix of petting and play. Others just want the love. And each one has his or her own personality and I'm loving getting to know them. I just wish I could do more to help them find their forever homes.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Cats of the Week: Yufi and Dean
Dean (top photo) and Yufi are a bonded pair. Two domestic shorthair sweethearts that would like to be adopted together. Their video shows how great they are as a pair.

I took Dean into the room first and he sat at the window and stared, with great concern, until I brought Yufi in. Then they had a ball. They politely took turns sitting in my lap; first one then the other. When one was in my lap the other was either playing or sitting close by. They groomed each other, had a great time attacking a ribbon, and were both purring up a storm.

Many people say cats are happier in pairs. If you would like to adopt two cats that already adore each other, Yufi and Dean might be just the right duo for your home. You can find out more at the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA website.

(Their ID#s are A437013 / A437015).

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

CD Pick of the Week: Masters of Chicha
Masters of Chicha by Juaneco y Su Combo is oh, so cool! Chicha is a Peruvian blend of cumbia, Andean folk music, rock and roll and a bit of everything else. A blend of instrumental and vocal tracks. Think Amazonian surf guitars, R&B organ, and the house band in the coolest, grimiest dive bar in the jungle. All with a retro 70s sound. Love all of this. Totally fun.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Cat-proofed and Santa-ready
We're ready for Christmas around our homestead. We put up our tree today. It's gorgeous. A bit shorter than we usually get, but Husband found this one an it had such a perfect shape that we couldn't resist. I indulged in my tradition of watching White Christmas while decorating it and now our stocking have been hung by the chimney with care.

This year we by-passed the whole problem and didn't put ornaments on the bottom part of the tree. OK, there are 2 or 3, but they're all non-breakable and cat proof. If this year is anything like last we'll end up with nothing at all on the bottom and everything crammed onto the top. Hey, Cipher (The World's Most Amazing Cat, Screw You if You Don't Agree tm) can't resist the shiny.

Happy ho-ho, everyone. Now, bring on the hot cocoa with Bailey's...