Friday, July 22, 2005

How to get rich
Sometimes I'm so brilliant, that I need special glasses just to look at myself in the mirror.

So, one of the secrets to becoming rich is to exploit a need or, in this society, a desire. Figure out what people want, or at least what they'll spend lots of money on, and produce it.

In thinking about a) what everyone wants; and b) what people will spend lots of money on, I've hit on The Perfect Idea™. Are you ready...?

An iPod with the picture of the Virgin Mary™. Yes, that's right. Combine the hottest, must-have product since indoor plumbing with people's twisted sense of religion and I'll make a million.

It's my idea folks, no fair stealing!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

No wonder I'm depressed!
This just in: Home prices in the bay area are STILL rising! Good Lord! The median price, according to a story in today's SF Chronicle is now $600,000 "or more than $8,200 per month!" Merde, merde, merde. Everyone, please go back where you came from.

You know what really pisses me off? I don't want to buy real estate "as an investment." I'm not trying to get rich. I just want a home of my own. That's it. Nothing fancy, I don't need much. Just a cozy little place where my husband and I can live as we want, paint the walls any color we want, get a couple of dumb dogs, and live happily ever after. Is that too much to ask???
Musical Vacations
It's hot, it's summer, and I'm not on vacation. Worse, I have no vacation planned. Being in a blue funk, I went to a bookstore at lunchtime and acquired some new music and a book or two. (What is it about spending money that makes people feel better?) Anyway, I'm on a "musical vacation," thanks to The Rough Guide to the Music of Hawaii. Lots of slack-key laziness helping me get through the day.

So. When you desperately need a vacation, and you can't take one, what do you do? All advice gratefully accepted.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

End of an era. Well....end of a novela
After months of dedicated viewing, and much frantic page-turning in our Spanish-English dictionary, the Telemundo novela to which we were addicted ended last night. Yes, the show we affectionaly called "Glitter and Gopher," is no more.

La Mujer en el Espejo was the twisted tale of a plain girl, her glittery alter-ego, an uber villian, a hero with frosted hair, and various residents of La Concordia, a barrio in "NeverNever land" (actually, Bogata, Colombia). After spending so much time with these people, I feel like I know them. I'm really going to miss Paco and his dance studio, "Thag the dance boy" who apparently owned no shirts that had sleeves. Luzmila the clueless and Charlie with his pointy hair. I'll miss "Ralph Lauren," and his one-handed push-ups, Alberto who had his apartment decorated with photos of himself and, especially "Guapo Cop-o" who was just plain yummy.

Well, it was fun while it lasted. And for those who missed that last, final, thrill-packed episode of "G & G" let me just say that Romero poisoned Babsyque and himself, Juliana & Marcos finally got married, Juan Tobias hit on Ginger (!?!? Eww!!!), and Luzmilla still has no stroller for that damned baby.

Thanks everyone, it was fun.