Friday, November 02, 2007

Christmas is next month?!?!?
Having worked in bookstores throughout most of my college career, I developed a hatred of retail Christmases. Due to that hatred, I always try to have all my shopping done before Thanksgiving. Now the advent of the internet has eased some of that pre-holiday angst, but I still want to be done by turkey day.

The problem is, however, my large family. One mom, two sisters, two brothers, one sister-in-law, one nephew, one girlfriend-in-law, one girlfriend, one boyfriend. Forrest's family is easy. His mom and her husband. But my family requires a lot of inspiration and imagination. This is complicated by the fact that in most cases their taste is so incredibly far from my taste that you can't even drive to it from here. I seem to be out of inspiration this year. And I really, really hate to give dull gifts.
Oh poor little Mackenzie!
And now the winner of the most spoiled brat on the planet award. Check out this video clip where some rich bimbo freaks out because the car she gets for her birthday is the wrong color! Oh the poor, poor thing!

Monday, October 29, 2007

CD Pick of the week: Jim Robinson
Economy Hall Breakdown.Classic New Orleans jazz recorded live at Preservation Hall on Aug. 22, 1965. The late Robinson was a fabulous trombonist with a rich, warm sound. He’s joined by equally talented artists on cornet, clarinet, piano, and drums. All instrumentals except for one track featuring Robinson on vocals. It's brassy, sassy, and scintillating with a ragtime, speakeasy kind of feel. Great stuff.
Poor Philly!
Philadelphia just can't get no respect. Years ago a survey voted them the city with the most overweight citizens. Now Travel & Leisure magazine has decided they also have the most unnattractive citizens. I love the headline in the Philadelphia newspaperHey! We're not just fat -- we're ugly too.

Being married to a native of Philadelphia, I must object. Although I have to admit, the most overweight cops I've ever seen were getting pastries in a Philadelphia cafe.