Saturday, July 11, 2009

Photo of the day: Welcome to 7/11

Apparently we're closed.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Photo of the day: Excessive Cuteness

Behold Daniel, Striped Tiger. That's his name. Obviously somebody in the kitten nursery is a Mr. Rogers fan. He's very sweet, loves to snuggle, is quite talkative, and will be snapped up by some lucky person as soon as he's in the adoption area.

Today was a great day at the nursery. We got some brand new kitties. They were found by construction workers actually out in front of the shelter. Within 20-30 minutes they had passed through intake, had their first blood tests, and were brought into the nursery. There wasn't even any paperwork for them yet. So we fixed up a kennel, introduced them to the concept of being fed by syringe, and gave them some of their first-ever cuddles. This tiny litter of three seems to be about two weeks old, and are the cutest things ever. Here's a photo of the one I TLC'd. I nicknamed him "Longitude" since he has lines running straight down his back.

His little frowny face just kills me. Considering he had the worst, most stressful day ever (being separated by mom, grabbed by some sweaty construction guys, having your blood drawn, handed over to strangers to have them shove food down your throat) the whole litter was doing very well. When I left they were all curled up in a pile asleep in their kennel. But this little sad face shows that Longitude wasn't too sure about the whole thing.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Yes, I Admit it, I'm Selfish
This commentary piece from CNN asks why do people think it's selfish for a woman to decide not to have kids. Gee, I didn't know it was selfish but I suppose it is, in a way. I am selfish enough not to want to deal with kids. I don't want to pay for college educations and braces. I already can't sleep at night, throw in middle of the night feedings and I'm doomed. But my decision stems mostly from an acknowledgement that I'd make a terrible mother. I have no maternal instincts. Never have had. Didn't want to play with baby dolls as a kid. Never plays mommy. Never pushed my teddy bears in a carriage. I just don't have the gene, the patience, the financial security, or the desire to be a parent. Bravo to people who do, but it's not for me.

But why, exactly, does that matter to anyone except Husband? And why do people think you're selfish for deciding not to have kids. Are we in danger of running out?

I have problems with this article. First off the author says "what's wrong with being selfish?" Well nothing. But then she lists the most shallow and stupid of pursuits. Apparently we selfish, childless-by-choice women are that way because we would rather go on a shoe binge at Nordstrom. Actually, at the risk of sounding too noble, my favorite way to spend money (and I think Husband would back me up on this) is giving it to causes I believe in. Oh yes, and we want to go to parties and clubs. Strange, but I'd rather volunteer my time.

But what really gets me are the comments on this piece. Here's one:
I don't have a problem with your being selfish and not and any other women not interested in having kids will automatically remove themselves from the gene pool and only the less selfish women will reproduce and be left.

Here's another:
If you choose to not have children you ARE being selfish. Now that that is settled maybe you can talk about why it's OK to be selfish. And the correct answer to anyone who understands our social contract society is that selfishness is generally a bad thing for society. So if you are reasonably intelligent, emotionally mature, and make a reasonable amount of money, and choose selfish desires over having children, you are doing society a dis-service.

So rather than have a bunch of opinionated idiots deem me "selfish" I should have kids I don't want? For what purpose? The species is hardly in danger of dying out. In fact, we're highly overpopulated. So why do you need my contribution? And what gives mothers the monopoly on selflessness? I'm no Mother Teresa, but I do think I have a good social conscience and try to do my bit to make the world better. And yet I'm selfish because I don't focus all my time and attention on one child?

Personally I think way too many people reproduce who shouldn't. They have kids for the wrong reasons and then don't raise them well. So why would people who claim to love kids want children to be born to someone who doesn't want them and who knows they would be bad at it?

The one comment I did like came from someone who said that if you want to be really selfless, you need to adopt. Good point.
Musical Justice
Ever want to get back at a corporation that doesn't care? This guy did. Brilliantly.
My New Favorite Cat
Poor Cooper was brought into the shelter after she was hit by a car. She's lost her left eye, and several teeth (so her tongue often hangs out). She really looks like Bill the Cat from "Bloom County." (I'll let you compare the images:

She is, however, so sweet. Every time I have worked with her she has crawled right into my lap and not moved. Today she spent 30 minutes curled up on my lap, leaning her head against my chest and letting me pet her all over. She played a little, but mostly just wanted the love. I kept telling her what a beautiful girl she is. And she really is. I hope someone looks past her first impression to see the gorgeous gray love bug that I just want to take home and protect so that she never has to have another bad day. I really, really, really want her to find a loving home. I'm just sorry it can't be ours.
Photo of the day: This is My Dog

I am proud of my dog.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Photo of the day: Board

Are you as bored as I with sub-acceptable photographs? Between insomnia and cat/kitten duty I never seem to have enough time (or energy) to get out there and take photos. This coming weekend, however, I swear I will. As god is my witness, Scarlet O'Hara will never go hungry again.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Overheard at the gas station:
Man on cell phone: I don't know, somewhere on the Peninsula, I needed to get gas. .... No, it's not Palo Alto. I can't see a Starbucks from where I am.

(Apparently no matter where you are in Palo Alto you are in sight of a Starbucks.)

Overheard at the shelter 1:
Woman (looking at kittens): Oh my god, they are so cute. Look, baby, aren't they adorable?
Boyfriend (looking at cell phone): Dude, Leo got a tattoo on his ass. Look (shows phone to girl).

(Personally, I'd rather look at kittens than Leo's ass.)

Overheard at the shelter 2:
Woman, looking at a kitten, to husband: Honey, I've found my birthday present.
Man: Can't I just buy yourself some shoes?
Photo of the day: The Stanford Tree -- Early Stages

Captured this on the Stanford campus. No clue what it is. It looks like a bunch of tiny pine cones. Perhaps it is. But I took this photo over four months ago and cannot recall what it was attached to. A tree? A bush? A giant panda with an iPod?

Monday, July 06, 2009

Two From the Kitten Nursery

This little one is just about ready to go to a foster home. He'll be back and available for adoption soon.

This is Daniel Striped Tiger. He's brand new. I got to snuggle with him today and totally fell in love, in spite of the fact that he, like Cipher, wants to lick my hair.
Photo of the day: Light Effects

I'm not even going to tell you what this is. I just like it.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Pigpen in the Planter

Pigpen, one of our neighborhood cats, loves our side yard. She can often be seen lying on the concrete, her rumpled hair blowing in the breeze, desperately in need of a bath. Poor thing is a mess. Today I discovered that she also likes curling into an unused planter box. Because she's a dirt-gray color, she blends perfectly with the weathered wood and leftover soil.
Photo of the day: Reach for the Sky

A newly-pruned tree sticks its hands up like it's being held up in an old western.