Wednesday, April 02, 2003 hurt my tiny little brain
I hate the corporate equivalent of receiving a pat on the head and being told to go out and play. I hate the assumption that if you don't know technology, then you must be an idiot. If the phrase "database schema" doesn't make you perk up with excitement, then you're obviously of sub-optimum intelligence and therefore can be dismissed. Guess what, jerk? I've read The Iliad in the original ancient Greek. I can name every single one of Shakespeare's plays. Plus, not only have I read them all -- I've performed in several of them and seen most of them. I can explain to you the influence which Caravaggio had on the Dutch painters of the 17th century. I can discuss with some erudition (among other subjects) the War of the Roses, the course of WWI, the careers of Wilkie Collins (I bet you don't even know who he was, do you Mr. Database Schema?), Virginia Woolf, and Louis Armstrong, the creation of linear perspective, the orders of classical architecture, the Battle of Gettysburg, the sinking of the Titanic, the fight for university education for women, and the evolution of the hero myths. I can quote lines of dialogue from Aristophanes, Moliere, Shaw, Ibson, Shakespeare, Rogers and Hart, and Monty Python. I can use English properly, listen to opera without falling asleep, write poetry, and discuss hockey, baseball, and football knowlegeably. So I don't know what a database schema is? So f*****g what?

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