Thursday, May 19, 2005

Why mess with success?
Recently the PBS series Mystery! has started showing new productions of some of Agatha Christie's wonderful Miss Marple books. This latest batch starts Geraldine McEwan, who is a wonderful actress. But oh my goodness are these productions disappointing!

People who love these types of stories like them because they're "cozy" and to a true fanatic, the Christie books (while admittedly not perfect) are nonetheless fine the way they are. And yet this new series feels the need to change things, add characters, alter the plot, and generally muck about with something that needs no mucking.

I don't see the point. And I certainly don't understand why they feel the need to make these changes. Even something as small as changing a character named "John" in the book to one named "David" in the series -- um...why? And they keep throwing un unnecessary love stories, changing character relationships, and adding and/or deleting characters. It's upsetting to those of us who want the familiar. Shame on you, Mystery! stop fooling around with our beloved Miss Marple.

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