Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Lost and found
So they found that missing kid in Utah. OK. Good. Glad he's alive and unhurt.

But it turns out that having been told not to "talk to strangers," he was actually avoiding the people who were searching for him. He'd hear a horse, or a hiker or something and get off the trail and hide. it just me, or is that just dumb? OK, he's only 11. And yes, it's a scary, sadly unsafe world. But hell, he had to know he was lost and in trouble and it didn't occur to him to ask for help? Just a "hey, I'm over here," and he'd have been back eating ice cream a few days ago. Instead his family is terrified and hundreds of people are inconveinenced (not to mention the cost!) all because Bucky was too stupid to use a little common sense and realize that extraordinary circumstances call for breaking the rules.

I know, I'm harsh. Deal with it.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm over here!

Anonymous said...

Helllloooooo? Strangers? Anyone? I'm over here!