Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Sometimes magic does happen
Last night I volunteered the 7 o'clock hour of my radio show to my husband so that he could interview jazz guitarists Howard Alden and Robin Nolan. Robin Nolan and his trio will be performing as part of Djangofest SF a tribute to the late, great Django Reinhardt and a celebration of gypsy jazz. (Running at the Little Fox Theatre in Redwood City, June 9-12, 2005.)

Expecting only Robin and Howard to show up, we were deliciously surprised that the entire Robin Nolan trio arrived. Thanks to the wonderful, invaluable help of fellow DJ The Bawd of Euphony, an impromptu concert of delicious gypsy jazz happened in the studio at KZSU. It was amazing! One of my all-time favorite forms of music, suddenly appearing and performed by incredibly talented, wonderfully charismatic artists. It was truly magic.

Go see Djangofest. I can highly recommend the Robin Nolan trio, you'll have a great time. But no matter who you see, please go out and support this great music and a wonderful venue.

Thank you to Howard, Robin, and all the guys and especially to the Bawd for a great surprise. I'll remember this one for a while.

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