Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Deep spam
In checking my e-mail this morning, I came accross one with the subject line "mispronounciation." Since I did my radio show last night, and since I always mispronounce the artists on my show, I thought it was a listener sending in some advice on an artist or song.

Instead it was the oddest, must cryptic not ever. I'm assuming it was spam, but not sure what the point it. I quote it in full:

"himself: Woe is me! How I have deceived myself! These feet which
would have saved me I despised, and I gloried in these antlers
which have proved my destruction.
What is most truly valuable is often underrated.
The Jackdaw and the Fox
A HALF-FAMISHED JACKDAW seated himself on a fig-tree, which had
produced some fruit entirely out of season, and waited in the
hope that the figs would ripen. A Fox seeing him sitting so long
and learning the reason of his doing so, said to him, You are
indeed, sir, sadly deceiving yourself; you are indulging a hope
strong enough to cheat you, but which will never reward you with
The Lark Burying Her Father"


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh... uh... yeah...
That was me.
I was drinking rather heavily.
Gotta stop with the heroin/tequila/schroom cocktails...
Spam-town USA...