Thursday, December 15, 2005

Pet Peeves #247
"Not available in all areas." Hey, marketing folks, when you put that ridiculous disclaimer at the end of ads for your new product, what you are really saying is "this product is not any area." What you mean to say is "not available in some areas." Learn the difference, people.

Land Rovers. Why, oh why, in the name of humanity does anyone in the Bay Area need a Land Rover? OK, maybe if you live in the Santa Cruz mountains and it floods a lot in the winter -- but come on, commute on 280 from San Francisco to Cupertino and you need a Land Rover? And why would anyone buy them anyway, they all seem to be defective...not one of them seems to have working turn signals.

The Little Drummer Boy. Worst Christmas carol ever written. All those endless "rum-pah-pah-pums." Good lord, it's enough to make the "dreidel" song look like Rock Around the Clock.


Anonymous said...

I was playing "pah-rum-pah-pum-pum" on the cellphone while driving my Land Rover (which is fueled by the pelts of baby harp seals) and wondering why my brain was not available in all areas.

Sarah Khokhar said...

The best Christmas carol ever is definately Carol of the Bells. Land Rovers are overrated. And marketers do know what they're doing...although I'm not sure they know the effects on themselves.