Friday, February 01, 2008

So much for resolutions...
My number one New Years Resolution: No visits to the hospital in 2008!

Well, that one didn't even last a month. Yup, Wednesday morning found me and long-suffering Husband in our old familiar stomping grounds, ER.

This time it wasn't my mystery illness, it was my back. While I'm used to being in pain everyday because of my bad back, the past few days have been absolute hell. After not being able to eat, throwing up from the pain-induced nausea, and no sleep for two days, I broke down an said "I need help." Two butt-shots of painkillers later, they sent me home. I now have Valium (as a muscle relaxer) and some sort of extra-strength (i.e. stronger than my usual Vicodin) painkillers, and I seem to be doing OK.

The very nice ER doc said the key was to break this cycle of muscle spasms, which these drugs seem to be doing. I'm in pain, but no more than usual and certainly much, much better than the agony I was in earlier this week. There are even moments (fleeting though they may be) where I don't hurt at all -- a wonderful release, I must say.

Last night, though, I took both pills at 4 am after waking up in pain (and induced to get out of bed by Cipher the world's most amazing cat, screw you if you disagree TM). I found out that these two pills, in combination, followed by sleep, produce some really weird, really vivid dreams. Even while dreaming them I remember thinking "wow, this is trippy." Bonus!

Anyway, I hope all your resolutions last longer than mine.

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