Friday, June 13, 2008

Gay people buy dryers
When I moved into this house (good lord, 14 years ago!?!?) there was an ancient dryer in the garage. Ancient, but functioning. Two weeks ago Old Man Dryer started making a noise like there was a rabid guinea pig stuck in the works (there wasn't -- don't call PETA). So it was time to replace him/it.

Off Husband and I go to OSH. There was a sale. They were white and boring. We bought one. But as he and I compared capacity and tried to figure out what various knobs did, it hit me: this is what marriage really is.

Forget moonlight and roses and happily ever after. Marriage is spending Sunday afternoon shopping for appliances. I mean really, does anything make you feel more married than buying something as dull and as necessary as a dryer?

Lately the California papers have been full of news about same-sex marriages. (About bloody time!) And, of course, those brain-dead zealots who use religion as an excuse to try and force their beliefs on an exhausted from fighting about it world, have been yammering on non-stop about: one man, one woman -- that's marriage. To which I say: that's bullshit.

Marriage has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with purchasing large appliances. It's not about sex; about who puts what where. It's about paying your bills, taking out the trash, negotiating rights for the remote control, and dealing with the fact that dryers (and ovens, sofas, coffee tables, etc.) wear out and need to be replaced.

Gays and lesbians are not fighting for the right to legalize the joining of their naughty bits. They are fighting for the right to go to Home Depot and order a sink. They want to have the same options as heterosexuals when it comes to buying a home, dealing with paperwork for their kids, and having visiting rights in the emergency room. They do want to get married, they want to be married. They want to say "I'd much rather go see the new Indiana Jones movie, but we really need to buy a new fridge this afternoon."

So, brain-dead zealot, get your mind out of the bedroom. Gay people are going to have gay sex whether you like it or not -- whether we make it legal or not. All they want is to be able to stay home on a Friday and wait for the delivery guys.


Fo said...

Right on. The issue of marriage has almost nothing to do with "morality" (as if there were anything immoral about falling in love) and everything to do with having a life together.

It's very simple: if you're repulsed by the notion of gay marriage, DON'T HAVE ONE. But please, don't go around telling the rest of us that we have to abide by the rules of your church or whatever just because you're too embarrassed to tell your kids why those two men are kissing.

FinnyKnits said...

I'm happy to see any two people get married who really want to BE married, rather than get married because WHOOPSY we have made ourselves an illegitimate spawn with our socially acceptable mating practices and now need to grow up and get divorced in 4 years when the child is eqiupped to be emotionally scarred.

Frankly, I think gay couples actually do the hard thinking and consideration that everyone is SUPPOSED to do prior to entering into marriage and should be allowed to hitch up and go buy a chest freezer, wrestle through home loan refinance or try to figure out why the lawn is floating on a sea of raw sewage just like every other married couple.

Because obviously married life is very glamorous.