Thursday, June 05, 2008

In praise of history
So every year I subscribe to a new and different magazine. With the exception of National Geographic, which is eternal, most only last a year. This year my new subscription is to the British-based BBC History Magazine.

My first issue (for May) arrived yesterday and I'm loving it. It's total popularist history candy. It's the Peanut M&Ms of history. Both scholarly and accessible, it seems to cover both serious history (a look at the early years of Israel) and campy-consumerist history (a cover story on Jack the Ripper). All with that deliciously dry sense of British humor.

My favorite discovery from this issue is one I can see sucking up many random hours. The Old Bailey Online contains the proceedings from England's most famous court. They date back to 1674 and go up to 1913. Totally fascinating!

So, what random magazines do you subscribe to? I'm always looking to expand my interests. (Except, of course, for anything Martha Stewart-related. Yes, I'm talking to you, Dear Foreigner.)

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