Saturday, August 16, 2008

That darned cat!
So Husband and I have to finalize payment for our Grand Tour this week....and how lame are we that we're still upset about the prospect of leaving Cipher (The World's Most Amazing Cat, Screw You if You Disagree tm) for two weeks?

No, really, we are. Every time we think about our trip and look in those sweet green eyes we just melt. As Husband just said "we're gonna be tied to this house for the next 15 years without ever taking another vacation."

The problem is that she loves us. When she realizes that we're in a different room than she, she immediately gives out with a "where are you" meow and comes to find us. It's completely endearing....and heartbreaking when we think of her meowing in an empty house for two weeks.

Yes, we could put her in kitty boarding but:
a) we hate the thought of her being in a cage for that long
b) it's bad enough for her to misplace her people, without having to lose her familiar, cozy home
c) we've heard enough horror stories about cats getting sick from other cats in the boarding facility

My sister has volunteered to come in every day to feed her and clean her box, but that's only 15 minutes of human contact a day; not nearly enough for a cat as social and loving as Cipher.

Sigh....what are we gonna do?

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