Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fictional favorites
The always-interesting Dark Party Review asked a few authors "What literary character do you find the most compelling? and, as usual, got some interesting answers.

For me, it's gotta be good old Sherlock Holmes. Sure the stories are flawed and cliched but there's just no forgetting Holmes once you read about him. The moods, the razor-sharp brain, even his rudeness are all quite distinctly him. He may not be the most likable character ever, but he's definitely compelling.

Runners up:
Pip (Great Expectations)
Jane Eyre
Don Quixote
Elizabeth Bennett
Winnie the Pooh


Fo said...

I haven't read nearly enough fiction, classic or otherwise. But I'll second that vote (and Don Quixote), and throw in an honorable mention for the nihilistic Captain Nemo.

GFS3 said...

Sherlock would be up there for me as well. I'd also include:

- Dracula
- Conan
- Elizabeth Bennett
- Huckleberry Finn
- Uriah Heep

Thanks for the link!