Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My New York Times Debut
The NYT has a fascinating gallery of citizen photo-journalists capturing today's election. My photos can be found here and here. It's surprisingly compelling to see how American's have captured their own small parts of history in their snapshots. Everything from lines and actual ballots to more whimsical depictions of the day.

If you haven't voted yet (and why haven't you????) I urge you to take your camera along. (Be careful, though, in some places you're not allowed to photograph the actual polling place.) But there are plenty of opportunities for other types of pictures.

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CraigM said...

Wow, nice job with the photos. I do understand why cameras might not be allowed near or at the polling place.. when I voted, they made someone hang up the cell phone, too, which makes sense.

But still -- nice photos!