Friday, January 23, 2009

Cat of the Week: Clipper
Clipper should have been my CoTW ages ago. He's a total sweetie. Pure black, very loving and affectionate. Today he flopped down on the floor next to me and purred non-stop for 20 minutes. He's such a love bug (you can see him in action here).

Clipper is 7 years old and really needs a good home. He'd make a wonderful companion for someone in need of a little extra love in their lives. You can find out more at the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA website.

Oh, and just in case you ever wonder about karma, it works. I had to run down to KZSU today to do a favor for Husband. I was in a hurry because I didn't want to be late for cat duty. Since there's never anywhere to park during the day, I pulled into a red zone, crossed my fingers, and dashed inside. Six minutes later (I timed it), I came out to find a cop writing me up. I walked up to him and calmly waited for the ticket. I didn't say anything. And he just closed the book and and told me to move on. I thanked him, apologized for breaking the law, and took off. So I did a good deed today and was repaid by the universe. Thank you, Mr. Traffic Guy, for letting me go.

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Fo said...

Aw, he looks like a big ol' sweetie (the cat, not the cop)...