Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rectangular newspapers overflow round tables, but the large cup of coffee anchored it securely.

15 Across: Like Shakespeare's Ariel

The muted sounds of bad light jazz (is there such a thing as good light jazz) played over the coffee house's sound system as the man with the studiously artistic hair worked the puzzle.

9 Down: Chile capitol

In between thinking, drinking, and checking out the legs of the redhead sitting under the reproduction Toulouse Lautrec, he clicked the pen in a habit that would have been annoying, had anyone been close enough to hear him.

23 Down: Terminal stiffening of sinews (two words)

Across the room a couple with matching laptops and expressions of boredom ignored each other. She tapping her foot to something other than the jazz. He casting surreptitious glances at that redhead.

33 Across: Guess Who's _____ _____ Dinner?

Behind the counter the girl with the nametag that read "Oslo" filled a glass jar with Madelines and counted the hours until she could get back to the latest Nora Roberts. Her co-worker, who had no nametag, expertly poured foam and wondered where the readhead got the shoes.

51 Down: Chandler's Philip

Under the poster the redhead wondered why she bothered coming to the place anymore. It was always filled with losers doing the damned crossword puzzle.

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Fo said...

Yay! Short-short fiction! That's a good one, too. More please!