Monday, March 16, 2009

First National Bank of Stupid
Now we all know banks are, especially these days, not known for their brilliance. But there's something going on with our bank that just makes me shake my head.

We'll call it the First National Bank of Stupid (or FNBS).

When Husband's beloved grandmother died, Husband was named as executor of her estate. To pay for estate costs, he opened an account at FNBS with our home address in the name of "The Estate of Greta Garbo". (No, that was not his grandmother's name, I'm just using it as an alias.)

So the only connection between our house and his grandmother's name was this account "The Estate of..." Now correct me if I'm wrong, but "Estate of Greta Garbo" means that Greta Garbo is dead. RIght? So why does FNBS keep sending credit card applications to Greta Garbo at our house?

Is this one of the reasons why banks are so seriously fuck up? Because they keep issuing Visa cards to the deceased? If I were of a larcenous bent I'd get the card, go on a spree, then inform FNBS that Greta is no longer with us, obviously did not apply for a card, and why are we responsible?

But I won't because I'm basically honest and definitely a coward.

But hey, FNBS "Estate of" means "not in a position to apply for a Visa card."


Blondie said...

I've ordered cheques twice, and they screwed them up badly the first time and TERRIBLY the second time. Yay banks.

Julie said...

Unfortunately (or fortunately in some cases) having an account labeled "The Estate of So-and-So (also a made up name haha)" does not necessarily mean that So-and-So is dead. Just sayin

FinnyKnits said...

I'm surprised they didn't send it to "Estate Of".

Given how retarded they are these days and all.