Thursday, March 05, 2009

Yeah, right...

Stupidity overhead at the gas station.

Man gets out of passenger seat to put gas in girlfriend's car: "Your gas tank is on the other side."
She: "Other side of what?"
He: "Other side of your car."
She: "So?"
He: "So I can't put the gas in."
She: "I'm not asking you to pay for it, just put it in."
(Oh there are so many ways that can be taken..)


Stupidity overhead at the grocery store.
Man to another man looking clueless in the produce section: "Is this garlic or an onion?"
Man 2: "I think it's a potato."


Stupidity overheard at the shelter/
Woman 1, looking at adorable white kitty: "I like white cats, they always look so clean."
Woman 2: "I know what you mean, black cats always look like they're covered in something black."


Seen at the store...
Why God? Why???


mama d said...

The shelter conversation reminds me of why I avoid most folks who adopt albino children from China. Truth.

FinnyKnits said...

Man 2: "I think it's a potato."


I would have pissed myself laughing had I heard this in person. Awesome.