Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back on the Air
I went back on the air tonight after being off for nearly two months. It was wonderful to be back. I don't think I realized how much I missed it until I was actually picking out music to play. It was just so much fun to figure out what I wanted, what I was in the mood to share, what new stuff I hadn't had a chance to showcase. As it happened several friends were listening, due to my promoting the show on my Facebook status. It was such a delight to know people I love were tuned in and were enjoying the music.

The show was nothing special, just my usual type of music, but it all seemed to fresh because I'd been away for so long. I'm thrilled I got to keep my Tuesday night slot and so happy that everything worked out tonight. Only one minor technical glitch, but other than that it was smooth and the music flowed well.


Now for the non-happiness.

I went to the funeral mass this morning for the relative I mentioned in a previous post. I think everyone I'm related to was there, many of whom I haven't seen in close to 20 years. There was a full Catholic mass -- and it's amazing how I still recall every word and knew every response. I didn't say them, mind you, but I remembered them. I was also one of the few people in the congregation not to take communion...and act which did not go unnoticed. I was also the only person there in jeans, which was not a sign of disrespect. You know how you hear women say "I have nothing to wear?" Well in my case, it's true. I lost so much weight during the mystery illness that none of my old clothes fit. I have four pairs of blue jeans in my current size and that's it. Absolutely nothing else. No dress slacks. Not even a black pair of jeans. Just those blue jeans. (Have I mentioned I hate to shop? I have? Oh, well then you'll understand.)

The service itself was made bearable by the fabulous singer. He sings with the SF Opera (I wish I knew his name) and performed one of the most beautiful renditions of Ave Maria I'd ever heard.

I didn't go to the burial or the lunch afterwards. Instead I went to the Presidio for a photo day but got blown out. When the wind nearly knocked me over I realized it was too cold and too windy to be out trying for the perfect shot. So I cam home. But I'm glad I went to the mass...it was nice to see so many cousins and it felt good to pay respects to someone that I did, in fact, respect.


FinnyKnits said...

Hey, skinny blue jeans are better than dressy clothes in a bigger size, right? Well, this is how I think anyway. ;)

Every time I go to a bat or bar mitzvah with my family I always get the "Aren't YOU ever going to do this?" crap.

Nope. Not ever. But HEY! thanks for asking in such a totally non-accusatory way!

Love family. All right up in your face about every damn thing.

The Foreigner said...

When do you want to go shopping? I'm sure you can get a decent pair of pants at Old Navy at Hillsdale.