Monday, April 27, 2009

When is a Sale Not a Sale
Yesterday Husband bought some shirts on sale from a major department store, which shall remain nameless. (Although it rhymes with "Macy's.") When we got home we discovered we'd gotten the wrong neck size. So I took them back today to exchange them for the correct size.

I got the right size and went to the counter to exchange them. And once the old ones were rung (wrung?) in and the new ones were rung up I was told that I owed them $125. Um....excuse me?

The clerk had given me credit on the old shirts and then entered the new ones as a new transaction. But they weren't on sale today so she wanted me to pay full price on them. I explained to her that this is not how a return works. A return is when you buy something and if you bring it back and get the same item, even if no longer on sale, you get the same price. And she informed me that I was wrong.

We had a polite discussion that got me nowhere except confirmed her impression that I was a crazy woman who was somehow trying to rob the store that rhymes with "Macy's". This should-have-been simple transaction now required the intervention of a supervisor who came over and couldn't seem to get through to the clerk either. But eventually took her through the whole process step-by-step, by the end of which the clerk still didn't seem to understand what was going on. By this time I'd spent close to 20 minutes trying to do an even exchange. Babies were born and rocks were formed while I waited. But I did walk out with the right shirts and not having to pay them the additional $125.

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Fo said...

It could have been worse: the clerk could have assaulted you...