Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Well Crap
A federal advisory panel has recommended a ban on Vicodin and Percocet. Oh goodie. The ban was suggested because of possible liver damage due to these drugs containing Acetaminophen. According to the NYT article, more than 400 people die every year from overdoses. So Tylenol, which is the acetaminophen king, can still be bought over-the-counter and taken indiscriminately. But Vicodin, frequently used to treat chronic pain (like mine) will be banned. So not happy.

Whatever happened to personal responsibility? Yes, I know you can overdose from this. That's why I always take a half a pill first and only take the second half of the Vicodin if I'm still in pain. I've been doing this for years and haven't developed an addiction or a liver problem. I know this because my doctor, who prescribes the Vicodin, insists on a complete liver screening every six months. And while I'm sorry for the 400 people who overdose, what about the millions of us who haven't and aren't likely to? We are to be denied a proven painkiller that we take responsibly because some idiot takes a Vicodin and washes it down with 20 Tylenol? When pain is a daily part of your life, you learn to live with it. But it helps to have something like Vicodin for those days where you hurt so bad you can barely get out of bed. These drugs already require a prescription, which comes with thorough warnings about addiction, side-effects, and dangerous drug interactions. But apparently I'm too stupid to take care of myself and need the government to spare my from my own idiocy and deny me a drug that helps make my life possible. It seems like a very tiny number of people who take Vicodin or Percocet end up in the ER but we're all being penalized. I find it unfair and ridiculous. We're grown ups here, folks, let us talk to our doctors and take our own risks.


Fo said...

Well, even if Vicodin gets taken off the market, hopefully you'll still be able to get hydrocodone without acetaminophen. Then you could just take a hydro and a Tylenol... same thing, right? I hope...

FinnyKnits said...

This makes me regret not taking all my Vicodin when I had my wisdom teeth out.

And, might I wonder aloud, what doctors are prescribing Vic and Perc to unstable people?

This is baffling. If Imitrex gets outlawed, I'm getting a shotgun.