Friday, July 10, 2009

Photo of the day: Excessive Cuteness

Behold Daniel, Striped Tiger. That's his name. Obviously somebody in the kitten nursery is a Mr. Rogers fan. He's very sweet, loves to snuggle, is quite talkative, and will be snapped up by some lucky person as soon as he's in the adoption area.

Today was a great day at the nursery. We got some brand new kitties. They were found by construction workers actually out in front of the shelter. Within 20-30 minutes they had passed through intake, had their first blood tests, and were brought into the nursery. There wasn't even any paperwork for them yet. So we fixed up a kennel, introduced them to the concept of being fed by syringe, and gave them some of their first-ever cuddles. This tiny litter of three seems to be about two weeks old, and are the cutest things ever. Here's a photo of the one I TLC'd. I nicknamed him "Longitude" since he has lines running straight down his back.

His little frowny face just kills me. Considering he had the worst, most stressful day ever (being separated by mom, grabbed by some sweaty construction guys, having your blood drawn, handed over to strangers to have them shove food down your throat) the whole litter was doing very well. When I left they were all curled up in a pile asleep in their kennel. But this little sad face shows that Longitude wasn't too sure about the whole thing.


mama d said...

Oh, man, I'm not even going to get a chance to call "dibbs!" Honestly: When do you think D, ST will leave the back room?

FinnyKnits said...

Wow. You just had the best morning ever.

Jealous of you!