Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Go Left at Walgreens
Women give directions differently than men. This is not a news flash. But it constantly amazes me at how much easier it is for I, as a woman. to follow directions given to me by another women.

Females are associational and, to my mind, more helpful men when it comes to telling you how to get from A to B. "Turn left on Main, go two blocks. At Pierce there's a Bank of America, turn left. At the third stop sign, turn left on Center Street and then turn right, at the McDonalds, onto Walker.

Men will say "Go northeast on Main. Stay on Main for 2.3 miles and turn south onto Pierce."

Really? Northwest? South? Let me get my compass and sextant. Who the fuck am I, Magellan? Don't make me base my trip on the position of sun. Give me directions I can follow.

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