Monday, October 05, 2009

The Endless Question
I hate to sound all housewife-y, but I'm fed up with cooking dinner.

I have never enjoyed cooking. Baking is different. I love to make cookies -- probably because they taste better than any dinner I can make. But I hate cooking dinner. Sometimes I think it's not the cooking as much as I hate deciding what to cook every day. I don't have a very expansive repertoire (sorry, Husband) and when I do try something new it tends to suck. There have been many nights I've gotten all adventurous only to end up making popcorn when my chicken a la prune tastes like chicken a la prune. To make it worse I have a cupboard full of cookbooks that really do nothing but take up space.

Part of the problem is that when I'm at the grocery store I can never think of what to buy. So I fall back on the fallback; usually chicken. Then of course I get home and have no clue what to do with it. Having no culinary imagination, I'll stand in front of the cupboard looking at random ingredients and trying to guess what chicken will taste like with peanut butter and cereal on it. (Yes I'm kidding.)

When it does occur to me to consult one of my many cookbooks or a recipe website I'll stumble across something that sounds wonderful only to realize that I don't typically keep apple butter and soba noodles in the pantry. Sure I have the staples, but after a while the staples are boring.

And poor Husband comes home after working so hard, gives me the inevitable question of "what do you want to do about dinner?" and i fall into a mindless stupor.


Fo said...

On the other hand, Husband likes to cook. So maybe he should just do it. It means eating at 8:00, but other than that...

FinnyKnits said...

I found I hated doing dishes more than anything, so once Bubba took that part over, cooking was, and is, a pleasure.

If you ever want some of my quick favorites - I'd be happy to share.

Or, take Fo up on the offer and eat late ;)