Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The first big storm of the season hit us last night and is still ranging on. We've already lost power (briefly) and there are reports of downed trees and mild flooding in various areas. It's cold and nasty and wet and so beautiful I can't stop smiling.

I love a good storm. Of course I haven't been out in this one yet, I've only admired it from the safety of my cozy house with a cup of tea and a sleepy cat nearby. Those elements combine to make a perfect stormy day. But I'll be going out soon to do my show tonight and am actually looking forward to seeing the world through a wave on the window.

This kind of weather turns me into a total hibernating bear. Give me a stack of books, maybe a good old movie on TV, enough food to survive for days and I'll not set foot over the threshold where there's a storm raging.

I'll take long, hot baths. I'll put a dash of Bailey's into a mug of hot cocoa at night. I'll snuggle into pillows and sofa and lose myself in whatever book I'm devouring at the time. And life is truly wonderful.

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FinnyKnits said...

That all sounds FAHbulous!

Normally I adore a good storm, but this one was spent worrying whether the front porch would fall off.

Queue the next Contractor Quote of the Day series...