Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wrapping and Realization
We have a lot of people to buy presents for. And luckily I'm organized enough (or anal enough) to get it done early. And the reason why I do this is because I always seem to forget someone.

I wrap all my gifts early too so that when I have a nice stack of gifts at hand, I can take stock and realize "oh crap, I forget to get something for X." And, sure enough, I forgot to get something for X. I mean I have something, but when compared to what I got for everyone else, I don't have anything.

And the reason why I have not a whole heck of a lot for X is because I have no idea what to get for X. If I did have an idea, I would have gotten something earlier. And you know, putting it off isn't getting it done. I still have no idea.

The Chia Spongebob is beginning to look better and better.

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FinnyKnits said...

I get it all done early with the unreasonable expectation that when I'm "done" wrapping all the gifts and setting them aside for future gifting, that they'll actually be "done". But they never are. They just serve as a constant reminder to me that I am nowhere near done and should just start the festive holiday drinking, like, NOW.