Friday, February 19, 2010

A Good Day (Cat-Wise)
Some days of cat duty are better than others.

Don't get me wrong, I love every single day that I'm at the shelter. But there are some days where it seems like I spend all my time cleaning cages or dealing with just-this-side-of-feral cats more interested in ripping off my arm than being socialized.

But today but was but one of those really good days. The majority of my time was spent with the inhabitants of "The Condo of Love." It's a kennel with five (5!!) 10-month old kittens. When I opened the cage my lap was instantly inundated with warm, purring bodies who decided I was their best friend. There was fighting for prime lap space. There was licking. There was batting of my head. There was ... well, love.

Luckily one of the get acquainted rooms was empty to I picked up the nearest kitten and took her into the room. Then I closed the door, went back to the cage and got the next kitty. Lather. Rise. Repeat. Once all five were running crazily around the room I left them alone, cleaned out their cage and got it all cozy for their return, and then went to the room to play with the kitties. I swear while I left them by themselves, they multiplied. There must have been 17 cats in that room. There was wrestling. There was meowing. There was attacking the bench, eating the towel, and trying to crawl into my bag.

And that was before I pulled out the toys.

The biggest hit of the day was the laser pointer. One of the kitties (appropriately named "Livewire") went insane chasing the little red light. The other cats very politely took turns in my lap. One would curl up and get the love while the others would play. Then, as if by unspoken agreement, the lap cat would suddenly hop down and decide the laser pointer was more interesting than the attention. A few seconds later another would move into the lap for his or her turn. But then...chaos. They all wanted the lap at once. I was literally covered in cats. One on my lap, another on my stretched-out legs. One curled up next to me, one trying to crawl up my arm (and eventually succeeding and spreading himself across my neck and wedged between my back and the wall).

For some reason, the song "Love Machine" kept going through my head. Along with the thought that I am the luckiest person in the world.

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Duke said...

Cats are possibly the most marvelous creatures on earth.