Monday, February 01, 2010

Photo of the day: I Do The Rock

Yeah, I know I missed a day. I ended up in ER Saturday night and they kept me in until this afternoon. Great fun. I'm fine now. I just had a 32-hour migraine that wouldn't go away. They wanted to observe me because every time I stood up my heart rate went through the roof. (Ignoring the fact that I was exhausted, in some pretty severe pain, and severely dehydrated they jumped right to "heart trouble") and put me in with the cardiac care unit. Great fun. Don't ever go there. Especially for a migraine. It's non-stop noise and light -- the worst things when you are light- and sound-sensitive. And they never did, in spite of my repeated requests, give me any migraine meds. What they did give me, however, was Delaudid whenever I was in pain. Which was great fun, but didn't really treat the problem. Anyway, I'm home and well and doing fine. Just need to get my strength back after a few days without eating or much sleep.


FinnyKnits said...

Wow. You can actually check the box next to "Have been hospitalized for migraines" at the doctor's office now.


Next time I guess you grab the Imitrex on the way out the door?

So glad you're home and healing now.

Sounds terrifyingly painful.

Kittie Howard said...

You've been thru a lot! Sooo relieved you're okay. Please, please drink more water...I know, it's boring, hate to drink the stuff non-stop too...but you gotta, Decca!!! Seven years ago I ended up on cardiology because I kept passing out...we lived in Hawaii then, I was fast-walking every day and not drinking enough you, noting wrong with my heart...Hugs!