Friday, February 26, 2010

Wish List
I am not, by nature, an acquisitive person. Aside, that is, from wanting to own every book ever written and every world music CD ever produced. (OK, you can keep Danielle Steele and bad Hawaiian reggae.) But there are random things that I get into my head that I want. For example, ever since I was a little kid I have wanted a carousel horse. A classic one, mind you. Hand carved wood. To be even more specific, I want one from the carousel at the San Francisco Zoo. Of course I could never afford one, nor would I have anyplace to put it if I could. But still...

And also in the cannot afford list, put a Native American rug and/or blanket. I have always wanted one. Doesn't need to be antique, I'd be happy with anything. Provided it was authentic and beautiful. But then the cat would probably claw it up, so perhaps it's best I don't have one.

Then there are things that I don't necessarily care about owning, but I would love to touch or play with. Like a collapsable top hat. I've always thought they were cool. I just want to pop it out, collapse it back. Just once. Don't know why.

A tuning fork. A tuning fork? Yeah, why not. They fascinate me. I cannot sing or play a musical instrument. But I'd like to strike one and feel the note vibrate through my hand. Don't ask me to explain, I can't. I'd also like to strum a harp, just once. And get just one skrill out of a bagpipe.

I'd like to drive a Rolls Royce. Once. I'd like to write one time with an actual quill pen dipped into an actual inkwell. I'd like to use an old fashioned cocktail shaker and one of those delightful 1920's soda syphons. Again, once would be enough. I'd like to strike a pair of symbols and a big kettle drum. I'd like to wear a blonde wig for a day and see if the world is any different.

I want a silver cigarette case. I do not smoke. So why do I want one? Surely I cannot be the only one who has these unexplainably weird desires. What do you want, either to own or to try, that you really can't explain?

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Vicky Whitney said...

hey! I've done some of those things. I have the rug. I've strummed a harp (difficult) and blown in a bagpape (even more difficult). And even though I don't now and never did smoke, I have a silver cigarette case. It was my dad's, and I keep my business cards in it.

I like your list. Collecting experiences is much better than collecting things...