Friday, April 23, 2010

Photo of the day: Making Tracks

I was going to go on that long-delayed photo safari today, but I had a need to be with the cats. I'm glad I went, but it means you'll have to put up with a less-than-thrilling photo.

I also had the odd experience of talking someone out of adopting a cat today. First time that happened. Some hapless guy came in wanting to adopt a cat as an "I'm sorry" present for his girlfriend. I told him that it wasn't a good idea to adopt an animal for someone. I explained that pets are a personal thing, and that people need to meet them. So after about 10 minutes of playing couples counselor, he got all excited about the prospect of bringing her in and picking out a cat together.

Well, that's my civic duty for the day.

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Duke said...

I knew a woman who's husband brought her a kitten for christmas. The woman hated cats. I'm not sure what planet her husband came from that he didn't know it but he didn't.

I got to hear how she despised taking care of that poor kitten for a long time because we worked together. She finally gave the cat away. I'm glad she did. I felt so sorry for it. The woman would swat it down if it tried to sit in her lap or wanted any affection. She claimed it got fur all over her clothes.

She didn't deserve a sweet kitten but I think she got the husband she deserved.