Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The May/Jaws Jinx

Now I am not a superstitious person. Except for two things: The month of May and the movie "Jaws." Put the two together, and it instils fill into my tiny heart.

Almost everyone who was every important to me has died in May:
My best friend/brother. His partner. My father. My grandmother. All of them in in may.

Now here comes the weird bit.
I watch watching Jaws when I got the news about my father. A few years later Jaws was on again when I got news that my grandmother was dying. And years after that, same movie, the call came telling me I needed to take steps to have my best friends moved into hospice care.

So now I am officially freaked out. Jaws is on....right now! I just saw it in the channel listings. And while I don't know anyone on the critical list, I'm still careful. I don't ever turn it on. EVER. And if it passes by accidentally I will zoom past it with indecent hast to mitigate the infection.

If someone dare to may makes a casual conversation in May about how they're allergies are really acting up or their overdue for a doctor's appointment. I practically bundle them off to ER just to be certain,

I'm not in the least paranoid about anything else. But you take the movie and this month together and became a walking bag of nerves until June when I can breathe at last, But until then, if you love me, turn offJaws, watch your step, and take your vitimins because I just cant take another blow to my conscience.


FinnyKnits said...

I do.

And I will.

And you do, too. Because I can't either.

I just hope this comment was cryptic enough to ward off bad juju.

Kittie Howard said...

I've got fingers crossed to ward off the evil eye.