Wednesday, September 01, 2010


There's a kat named Meeker that isn't in the adoption area. He's in the feral room, having only recently been caught in a busy office park area. Meeker isn't at all happy to be inside. He's an outdoor cat and lets you know it. Chances are he might go back there,, as there's a volunteer with a horse barn in use of a mouser. Meeker might suit very well. But until then he's got to learn some basic people skills, like "do not maim the nice volunteers."

Meeker (what an inappropriate name!) should be approached with a whip and a chair. As it is, I do pull out my leather gloves when dealing with him. We just need to get him used to people. He'll never be a lap cat, and that's OK. But he can't keep jumping with claws out at anyone within walking distance. While cleaning the cage of the cat below him, Meeker calmly lifted a paw out and slammed it down upon my unsuspecting head. Blood ensued.

This is not a house cat in the making. This is a cat that wants to be on the hunt. And as soon as the vets finish treating his broken foot and worms, he'll be healthy enough to go "home." And this wooded barn area with lots of squirrels and nobody trying to play "here kitty, kitty" with him seems like the perfect solution.

But until then, Meeker is a mean old Tom who has earned my wariness. And caused me two band-aids.


The Calico Quilter said...

It's wonderful that Meeker can find a home where more will not be demanded of him than he can do. This is an illustration of just how wild at heart cats really are. They surely aren't "domesticated" like other animals that man has modified. They don't differ at all from their wild cousins. In fact, they can interbreed, which shows that their genetics haven't changed at all. If we miss that brief window of socialization time they have as a kitten they will never become a people-oriented animal. They can learn that people are not a threat (which is probably what they have been to him, all his sad solitary life), and if a little taming gets him a job on rodent patrol somewhere that's great. Here's hoping that Meeker gets a safe home where he'll be happy. And a more appropriate name, like Tiger!

Kittie Howard said...

You deserve the Purple Paw! Cats like Meeker can inflict damage. Having said that, Meeker would live a full life on that farm. What a happy ending!