Friday, March 04, 2011


Why is a whistle the pinnacle of cleanliness?
Why are clams the hallmark of happiness?
How well does anyone know the back of their hands?

Common phrases baffle me. Of course, most of life does.

When I was a kid and would look for something, whenever I found it someplace obvious my mom would say "if it was a snake it would have bit you." Well if it was a snake, I wouldn't have been looking for it.

Just some musings under the influence of Vicodin. I was in the hospital this week. (In ER on Tuesday, back on Wednesday, admitted overnight and home today.) Another of my rampant mystery infections. Woke up to a breakfast of morphine. Hoping to doze off to an equally heady mixture of cat purr and cozy mystery.


FinnyKnits said...

Such a warm fuzzy childhood you led ;)

Glad you're home from the ER and high on pain killers. Be well, friend.

Duke said...

Get well decca