Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Those Darn Veggies

Husband and I have gone lightly vegetarian. (We do fish.) And it's quite a strain.

I hate to cook. I hate learning to cook new things. And here I am confronted with chickpeas and cocoanut milk. We have a couple of good cookbooks, but I'm just not interested in spending hours chopping and peeling so I can experiment. Husband loves it. He's a great cook and really has fun.

But because he works like a dog all day it's my job to do the cooking. Tonight we're trying Potatoes and Carrots in cocoanut curry over rice. It sounds good, but we'll see....

I've never enjoyed cooking. Baking I like. The process of making cookies is fun to me. The process of peeling eggplant or chopping endless carrots just isn't fun for me. But I suppose I'll learn.

But it'll take a lot of doing for me to get over the process of having to consult recipes and dealing with unfamiliar with ingredients.

Yeah, I'm cranky. But i'm allowed. It's part of my charm. Hell, it's all of my charm.

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Duke said...

My sister (who has a masters in nutritian and works at a hospital) sees many vegetarians a year. They suffer from diet related problems. My sister was a vegetarian herself who ate some fish but no red meat.

On her last blood work the doctor told her she had problems. Her red cells were poorly formed and she had a low white count. The doc said to stop the vegetarian diet or she'd have problems down the road.

It's a myth the vegetarian diet is somehow healthier. It is actually extremely hard to get many nutrients anywhere but meat. Suppliments aren't absorbed by the body properly either, do you can't rely on them. The only place you'll read vegetarian diets are the healthiest are on vegetarian sites who are pushing that agenda.

The consenus seems to be a vegetarian diet is harder to balance and requires pretty deep knowledge of what veggies can replace some of the elements in meat. My sister wasn't successful doing it. In any regard, going vegetarian isn't to done lightly.