Tuesday, April 08, 2003

A Sun Day
Back in the snow belt, they have snow days -- where the weather is so awful that work and school is cancelled. I think we need sun days -- where the weathe is so glorious, we all get the day off. Today would be a perfect sun day. When the sky is a perfect renaissance blue, and the sun cooperatively warming winter out of our bones, it is morally wrong to expect us to sit inside our little cubicles and work. How can we? All I want to do is go outside and play. I want to drive down the freeway with the sunroof open and some cheesy, boppy song playing on the radio while I sing along in my best bad Aretha. I want to grab a book and find some quiet patch of grass in which to read. I want to walk along the beach and play tag with the ocean. But mostly, I just want the air and the light. None of this headache-inducing flourescent crap, thank you very much. And none of this "someone burnt the microwave popcorn again" lovely fragrance. I want pure sunlight and the scent of fresh-cut grass. How can we possibly be expected to work on a day like this?

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