Friday, July 11, 2003

Stream of Consciousness
If Virginia Woolf can do it, so can I. Of course, she could do it better. But then again, she committed suicide, so look where "better" got her. Why is the phrase "tortured" so often placed in front of the word "genius?" Virginia Woolf. Van Gogh. Michelangelo. Is genius worth it if the price is madness? Of course, look at all those who achieved greatness without going mad. How connected are the two? Does one write (paint, compose) because one is in pain, or is one in pain because they are artists? And who did write the book of love? Why is reality television so popular? Why don't more people turn off their TVs when nothing is on? I Love Lucy will always be a much better show than anything that Fox comes up with. Where does apathy come from, and how do you motivate people to become part of the solution? Why don't the majority of Americans realize that the rest of the world would love to be able to talk with their mouths full. It seems senseless that there are people killing themselves by eating cheese puffs and Oreos, while there are other people dying because they can't get rice, meat, or clean water. Why does Keanu Reeves have a career? Why is Danielle Steele a bestseller? Who really needs an SUV? Why aren't I doing all the work that I should be doing...

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