Friday, August 08, 2003

Bureauacracy reigns!

I hate my job. Not surprising, most people these days hate their jobs. I know a lot of unemployed people at the moment, but I truly am getting tired of the "you should just be grateful you have a job" lecture. I mean yes, I am grateful that I have a job....but I'm human. If I'm not happy, I want something that would make me happy.

At the moment, most of my frustration can be traced back to a life-long hatred of bureaucracy. After years of fighting against it, I found myself reluctantly "acquired" by a company roughly the size of Poland. I have gone from having complete and total editorial and artistic control of my job, to having only some editorial and creative control of my job, to now having absolutely no editorial or creative control of my job. Apparently I am no longer required to think...which makes me believe the company would be better off hiring a happy hamster and firing my disgruntled ass.

Yeah, I keep taking the paycheck. I like to eat, and I need more of a cushion before I bail...but I hate it.

Why do companies publicly advertise that they want "creative thinkers" only to tell them that they have no authority to make a decision? Why do they like to be seen as promoting "different" when they only want the same? And why, oh why, are so many incredibly talented, experienced, and once-motivated people left to turn into dust, their skills wasted, while mega-corps drone endlessly onward in the same stodgy direction they've always gone?

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