Monday, January 31, 2005

Talk, talk
Do you have any idea how much I'd give for a conversation right now? No, you probably don't. You probably work someplace where your co-workers might randomly stop by and ask how your weekend was. Maybe while you're pouring yourself a second cup of coffee, a pre-Super Bowl debate will break out.

Not here.

Here it's silent. It's a wall of closed office doors that prohibit any kind of human interaction.

Maybe I'm weird, but I find I enjoy work more if conversations spontaneously break out. If I hear laughter occasionally. If my day is filled with unexpected encounters with pleasant people. I also find, as a manager, that a team is tigher and happier if they treat each other as people and not as just someone they work with. I don't expect instant friendship, I do expect a "good morning" now and then.

I've been here for two hours this morning and haven't spoken to another person. Hell, I haven't even seen another person (and no, I'm not exaggerating or making this up). Everyone, as usual, has their door closed.

Come on, people, open your doors and let a little life in.

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