Tuesday, February 20, 2007

So here I am. Back from The Great Gall Bladder Heist of '07. All-in-all, not too bad. Modern medicine is truly amazing. I mean they take out one of your organs, and then send you home. Within 3-hours of the surgery I was curled up in my own comfy bed, high on vicodin and sleeping like I did before we got a cat.

The recovery has been easy too. It's hard for me to handle the whole "take it easy," instructions, though. My poor beloved husband keeps signing mournfully as he sees me carrying baskets of laundry around the house. But aside from my own pig-headedness, I'm fine.

The low-fat diet has, so far, proved to be easy. Cheese will be my Achilles' heel, though. Cheese -- the world's most perfect food. I can deal with low fat everything else....but how can I live in a world without triple-creme brie?

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Don said...

"...sleeping like I did before we got a cat."

Uhhhh... yeah... so even on vicodin you are an insomniac?