Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ok, I'm going out on a limb here. But I just want to say, for the record, "I don't give a fuck about Anna Nicole Smith."

Phew....I feel much better.

I mean really, people, why should we care? I feel the same vague sympathy for her family and friends that is appropriate at anyone's death, but beyond that my reaction is one of relief. Oh good, one less media-created semi-celebrity to annoy us. At least once her funeral coverage is over. But why in the world was she famous anyway? She had hooters and married rich. And that's all that is necessary for fame in this century. Alexander the Great had to conquer Persia in order to be a household name. Oh, if only he'd had hooters think of all the time he would have saved.

She was nothing. She did nothing. She didn't seem to make the world a better place. She didn't seem to do much of anything, and yet for years her clothing, her weight, her affairs...were all watched as if knowledge of her hemlines could cure cancer. How useless and superficial the world has become when someone so useless could be so famous.

So she's dead. So what? Forgive me if I seem heartless, but is this really a national tragedy?

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Don said...

She entertained America. We (America) are easily entertained. Didn'y you watch here "reality" show? (seems oxy-moronic... a phrase which in this usage seems doubly so... moronic that is... but I digress...) Her show (back to the point) was like a human car wreak, that kept wreaking, and wreaking, and wreaking, and causing all of us to feel sooooooo much better about being "us" because we weren't "her".

Oh, and she's rich. We (America again, remember?) seem to have an odd fascination with that too. Like "rich=better". In this case, "rich = more drugs = earlier non-tragic death".

ydggdaj (it says that here below... it's my "word verification of the day...) It perfectly represents the sadness I felt at ANS's passing. (I like to call her ANS because it aljavascript:void(0)
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