Thursday, February 28, 2008

Health update
Well, first the good news. I had another great session with the acupuncturist yesterday and have been back pain-free for over 24-hours. You have no idea how huge that is.

Unfortunately my old mystery GI trouble is back and I've been vomit girl again, along with a few other nasty symptoms. Every time I think I'm over the worst, I have another flair up. Very frustrating. So I'm my usual weak self at the moment. No real food since Monday night. Today I had 3 whole Saltines (woo hoo!) but later on I had a few sips of ginger ale that seemed to set things off again.


I do not recommend this diet.

In other news this week on PBS there's an episode of "American Masters" that focuses on folk singer Pete Seeger. I can highly recommend it....even though I haven't seen it yet. Why the confidence? Turns out Husband's mother, Pamela Bloom of NYU was one of the researchers for the documentary. I can't wait to see her name in the credits. I'm so proud of her.

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